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Our goal is to develop electronic devices based on an innovative and reliable concept inspired by current solid-state energy-conversion systems. We propose the following devices:

  • thermo-electric converters
  • ionic-liquid based demonstrator.

The development of those devices relies on recent advances in nanotechnology with the patented SOLID (Solid On LIquid Deposition) process, which offers the possibility to grow a stable solid layer directly onto a liquids, such that the solid uniformly replicates and encapsulates the liquid template. When using the polymer parylene the resulting interface is perfectly smooth and the liquid template remains unaffected which is ideal for small electronic applications like MEMS and others. Moreover, it was shown that the SOLID technology can be used at room temperature and under atmospheric pressure which even more broadened its scope. Parylene is stable, biocompatible, highly transparent and can be deposited in a one-step process, also on liquids. ENERLIQ proposes to develop low-cost yet high-quality, reliable smart devices. The actuation of energy conversion will rely on parylene- and ionic liquids-based Peltier-like systems.

The thermo-electric converters are expected to have an impact on consumer electronics market (MEMS, actuators, sensors, etc.) and in addition, the low actuation voltages energy-converters will profit to the biomedical devices market (drug delivery, diagnostic tools, detectors, etc.).

The two-partner consortium goes for full complementarity. It comprises the HES-SO institute responsible for experimental and technological research and applications and Gdansk University of Technology which complementarily conduct theoretical investigations. Together they will make this ambitious multidisciplinary project a reality.

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